What Really is Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset?

from the Turning Good People Into Top Talent blog series
By Bob Moore, CMC, Managing Principal, Talent Management Institute

Ithumbs upf you answered, “People” you are partially correct.  What?  You say.  Everybody knows or at least most executives claim that people are their company’s most valuable asset.  I think the most accurate answer is the undeveloped potential of their people—their fully engaged top talent.

Gallup continues to report that employee engagement levels have not improved significantly in the last decade.  It appears that many organizations may have given up and abandoned employee engagement improvement initiatives. There is considerable evidence that even when engagement levels improve, there is little or no change in customer satisfaction or employee productivity.

When was the last time senior management in your organization asked the hard questions, such as, “What are the results from our expenditures on training and development?”  Those who do ask those questions frequently find the return on investment is quite low.  This is primarily because there is limited transfer of learning back on the job.  There is ample research evidence indicating lack of follow through is the underlying cause.  Yet, not much is done to change and improve transfer of learning.

What will complete the transfer of learning?  Glad you asked.  It is support coaching. On-the-job coaching is not limited to what professional coaches do.  All kinds of people can become support coaches, even co-workers, friends, trainers and most importantly, managers and team leaders. In my book, Turning Good People Into Top Talent (2007), I devote a chapter to Coach-based Management and the role managers and team leaders must play in order for the team to master the essential skills required for superior performance.

The second part of the answer is: How do I implement the process?  I am really glad you asked that question. The Talent Management Institute has assembled a collection of cost-effective, done-with-you learning and development resources that can accelerate your progress toward developing fully engaged top talent.

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Bob Moore, CMC
Managing Principal

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