Prepare Your Team Member to Accept Feedback and/or Advice

You may not realize that an offer to give feedback or advice may not be valued as much as you want it to be.

The process of turning good people into top talent involves practicing the principles of effective Talent Management.

A key principle of Talent Management includes creating a relationship that accelerates progress to mastery.

Providing regular, ongoing feedback and advising can provide that opportunity.

But wait, how can I be sure I will get my team members to accept the feedback or advice I want to provide?

Just as with any important message, it is essential to prepare the person to receive it.

Being spontaneous and abrupt will rarely stimulate receptivity.

Begin by asking and give the purpose.

You could say, “Would you be receptive to a brief conversation about some observations about your work?”

It is important to have a trust-based relationship and then, your request for a conversation would not create suspicion or alarm.

It is not likely that a team member would decline.  If that happens, then, you will need to inquire about the reason and address any concerns before moving forward with the conversation.

Please add a comment about any experiences you have had giving or receiving feedback.

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Bob Moore, CMC®

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