Effective Job Postings

According to a recent article in Human Capital Media (HCMweekly@email.hcmalerts.com)

There Are 5 Reasons Your Job Postings Aren’t Working:

  1. Unclear Job Title
    (Test it for clarity with
    others before posting)
  2. Missing One of the Basics
    (Location, Responsibilities, etc.)
  3. Misleading Job Description
    (Clue:  nobody is applying)
  4. Your Process Isn’t Working
    (Clue:  nobody is accepting your offers)
  5. Not Setting Expectations
    (61% of employees say realities
    of the job differ from expectations
    set in the hiring process.

The most effective job postings get results.
Track every step in the process to measure
what is working and what is not.

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