ROI on Company Wellness Programs

ROI on Company Wellness Programs
from the Turning Good People Into Top Talent blog series.

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Recently, I have published a series of blogs about the realities of workplace stress.

Many large employers are offering wellness programs because they believe there is a significant ROI.

Fifty-five percent of large employers, responding to a 2014 Mercer survey, seek to determine the “value of investment” for their wellness programs.

Here’s the percentage who believe wellness had a positive impact on specific areas

  •     Medical cost trend — 70%
  •     Improved productivity — 18%
  •     Improved attraction/retention — 15%
  •     Disability cost trend — 10%

Read more – Successfully Engaging Employees Requires Strong Wellness Culture.

With that kind of ROI, consider the value of offering employees a Workplace Personal Stress Assessment to raise awareness of the need to be involved in a wellness program.

You will discover that most of the causes of high levels of workplace stress can be controlled and improved.

For example, the group stress report will illustrate the impact of management related factors.

This adds another reason to embark on a management development process as a follow up to the Workplace Stress Assessment.

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As an additional bonus, order 5 or more personal workplace stress assessments and get a 10% discount on the group workplace stress report, which includes a telephone debrief of the results.

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