How to Assure that Millennials Become Top Talent

How to Assure that Millennials Become Top Talent
from the Turning Good People Into Top Talent blog series

A recent study by Workforce Management Solutions revealed that the highest levels of employee turnover were among millennials – an astonishing 52% within the first year of employment. Here are the 3 main reasons given for quitting and represents 85% of the total responses:

  1. Lack of opportunities
  2. Inadequate compensation
  3. Boredom or lack of challenge

Much of the turnover can be attributed to the fact that 89% of millennials felt that the work/life balance was the most important contributing factor to satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. Here the top five factors that most influence satisfaction:

  1. Feel valued and appreciated;
  2. Receive varied and interesting work;
  3. Feel that they are making a positive contribution to the wider society;
  4. Feel a sense of achievement;
  5. Be given regular and real developmental opportunities.

Since these factors are significantly influenced by the team leader/manager, providing an effective management development process could be a solution.  Imagine the impact on retention and productivity by creating a workplace that fosters engagement, feelings of significance and appreciation among younger employees. My research over the past 30+ years is that managers and team leaders are ill-prepared to manage and lead the current workforce of younger knowledge workers.  Most of the current approaches are simply not working and a waste of money.

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