Managers Account for 70% of Variance in Employee Engagement

Managers Account for 70% of Variance in Employee Engagement
from the Turning Good People Into Top Talent blog series

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A report just in from Gallup continues to reveal that great managers consistently create engagement levels that result in their teams to achieve outstanding performance.

They create environments where employees take responsibility for their own— and their team’s engagement and build workplaces that are engines of productivity and profitability.

But not every team is led by a great manager. Gallup’s research indicate that about one in 10 people possess high talent to manage. Though many people are endowed with some of the necessary traits, few have the unique combination of talents needed to help a team achieve excellence in a way that significantly improves a company’s performance.

These 10%, when put in manager roles, naturally engage team members and customers, retain top performers and sustain a culture of high productivity.

Do you have underperforming managers that are worthy of a conversation?

Let’s discuss how to increase your organization’s productivity by identifying and fully developing managers who can lead high performance teams.

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