A Legal Tightrope

Recently, the fairness of workplace selection assessments for hiring has been called into question (Again!).

Some critics claim that tests can be discriminatory and eliminate qualified candidates from getting hired.

Hiring managers can safely cross this chasm on the “legal tightrope” by being sure the assessments they use are fair, valid and legal.

For over 30 years, I have watched this debate between behavioral experts, the legal field and governmental agencies like EEOC.

For starters, you must be certain that what your assessments are measuring is job relevant.

The best recommendation is for assessments, including interviewing, address factors that relate to success in a specific job.

For that reason, you must determine the talent requirements of a specific job by first becoming clear about the reasons the job exists.

The purpose of the job and its measurable accountabilities must be the basis upon which your selection process is built.

Basically, “off-the-shelf” is not likely to be reliable or legal and using them could put you on A Legal Tightrope.

Please comment on how you are using assessments in your hiring process.

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