How to Win the War for High Tech Top Talent

from the Turning Good People Into Top Talent blog series
By Bob Moore, CMC

high tech top talent

Most leaders of high tech enterprises are aware of the constantly increasing demand for IT talent.  According to Randstad’s World of Work Report, 45 percent of business leaders think developing leadership skills for the next phase of growth is their biggest productivity challenge.

Organizations are seeking a greater combination of technical, problem-solving and soft skills from their teams.  More sophisticated leaders are critical to their long-term competitiveness.

Team leaders and hiring managers that recognize the different motivations of their employees are better equipped to develop their talent attraction and retention strategies accordingly.

To stand out from the competition, it is particularly important for employers to understand that Generation Y employees are often drawn to companies that offer excellent training opportunities and a clear, progressive career path will attract those candidates.  This is particularly important in IT and High Tech industries where keeping up-to-date with technology is vital for career development.

Randstad’s World of Work research shows that two-thirds of employees will leave due to poor opportunities for growth and advancement. Offering high salaries and a common approach to attract and retain top talent will not offset their desire for flexibility, learning and development. They will simply move on if their needs are not being met. Gallop research continues to support the conclusion that as much as 90% of managers do not have the God-given talent to lead a high performing team.

Do your project managers and team leaders have the skills required to lead the evolving knowledge-based workforce?

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