Recent Study Reveals Flat Employee Engagement Levels

Recent Study Reveals Flat Employee Engagement Levels
from the Turning Good People Into Top Talent blog series.

engagement leadershipAccording to the just released, Aon Hewitt’s Trends in Global Employee Engagement study, global employee engagement levels in 2014 were up just 1% from the year before.

Despite this very modest increase in engagement, the study further shows that employees’ net satisfaction with their work experience plummeted 28% in 2014.

According to Aon Hewitt, a 5% increase in employee engagement can be linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year.

However, engagement alone is not enough to drive sustainable performance.  It is essential that organizations create a culture of engagement by focusing on performance, growth and engaging leadership.

Ken Oehler, Aon Hewitt’s global engagement practice leader said, “There has been significant emphasis on increasing engagement over the last several years, but many organizations are overly focused on diagnostics and not on the holistic solutions that address the specific challenges they are facing.”

“Engaging leaders who engage others are not just nice to have – they are the key ingredient to creating a culture of engagement that sustains business results in an ever-changing and complex global environment,” according to the report.

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Bob Moore, CMC
Managing Principal, Talent Management Institute
“Turning Good People Into Top Talent”

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