4 Components of Onboarding Efforts

Society for Human Resource Management research shows roughly 1 in 25 people leave a job because of a poor onboarding program.

According to Talya Bauer, a professor of management at Portland State University, there are four distinct essential components of any formal onboarding efforts:

  1. Compliance:  Teaches employees basic legal and policy-related rules.
  2. Clarification:  Provides role-specific clarity to assure they understand their new job.
  3. Culture:  Gives employees training in both formal and informal norms.
  4. Connection:  Helps new employees establish personal relationships and “information networks” that will help them succeed.

How does your company’s onboarding experience compare?  Please comment below.


Bob Moore, CMC®
CEO of Effectiveness, Inc and
The Talent Management Institute
“Turning Good People Into Top Talent”

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