Workforce Stress: The Employer/Employee Disconnect

measureyourstress_300bnFor nearly two decades, Towers Watson has conducted Staying@Work research in North America, providing employers with invaluable insights on linking their organization’s Health & Productivity effectiveness to financial performance.
The survey found Employers Rank Stress as the Top Workforce Risk.
Yet, only 15% of employers identify improving the emotional/mental health (i.e., lessening the stress and anxiety)
of employees as a top priority of their health and productivity programs.
The Stress Disconnect and Consequences
Here are the top 3 causes of workforce stress as seen by employers and employees:

1. Lack of work/life balance (excessive workloads and/or long hours). Employees say, “Inadequate Staffing.”

2. Inadequate Staffing. Employees say, “Low Pay/Pay Increases.”

3. Expanded Technology. Employees say, “Unclear Job Expectations.”
This disconnect potentially risks employers diverting valuable time and limited resources to fixing the wrong problems, alienating employees and suffering the business consequences of increased absence, presenteeism and unwanted turnover.
The Tower Watson study suggested the following three actions to Reduce Workplace Stress

1. Ensure all levels of leadership — including managers — know how to recognize and manage stress in their employees.

2. Understand your employees’ stress drivers.

3. Listen to employees to find out how they are coping with stress and how you can help.

The Solution
Now that you know the problem and what can be done about it. The only question is how to do it. The Talent Management Institute has a solution called the Team Stress Quotient. This assessment is an accurate diagnostic for revealing the stressors at play in your workplace that could be hampering productivity and killing your culture.The Stress Quotient® is available in individual/leader, and group/team versions.


Now, Take the Next Step

Once you know, you can address the root causes — which can include lack of job ft, miscommunications or mismanagement.

Click here to view a short 2 ½ minute video and get a free sample Team Stress Quotient assessment.



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