Winners in the Digital Economy Will Put People First


millenial-workforceEvery year, the Accenture Technology Vision team partners with Accenture Research to pinpoint the emerging IT developments that will have the greatest impact on companies, government agencies, and other organizations in the next three to five years.

As technology advancements continue to accelerate at an unprecedented rate -­ dramatically disrupting the workforce—companies that equip employees, partners and consumers with new skills can fully capitalize on these innovations. Those that do will have unmatched capabilities to continuously create fresh ideas, develop cutting-­edge products and services, and disrupt the status quo. Interesting the 1016 Accenture report is entitled: Winners in the digital economy will put people first.

Here are some of the top IT trends.

Artificial intelligence is the hottest new industry, with huge tech companies like Facebook and Google taking a stake in developing and using the technology. With new products and services that use AI becoming available each day, and the global market for smart machines increasing by 20 percent annually, it’s certainly no surprise that companies are testing the limits to determine how AI may replace human engagement.

Predictive Analytics has also emerged as a much discussed topic within talent management and HR circles. Since retention continues to be a top of mind concern for CEOs in all industries, expect to see more and broader application of analytics to identify attrition risk. Within talent management, Google has excelled, producing predictive analytics in hiring, leadership, and retention.
In the retention area, Google learned to use a combination of seven different factors to predict which employees were most likely to leave (in some cases, before the employee actually realized it themselves). In other cases, Sprint used analytics to predict which new hires were likely to quit and Cisco once used predictive metrics to identify which struggling new hires were likely to succeed over the long term.

What is your primary objective?
I think it must be having the right person in the right job at the right time. This becomes a “front-end” issue whereas much IT related approaches are focused on the “back-end.” Clearly a comprehensive IT integration is essential and
can accelerate the progress of any organization even within HR and Talent Management. However, it is way too soon to begin to base the solutions to unacceptable levels of employee engagement and retention on the currently available IT systems. Winners in the digital economy will put people first.

Where to begin?
Obviously, you must begin where you are with what you have. That is the reason the Talent Management Institute developed the Total Talent Management System (TTMS) that provides the elements that must be integrated into an effective talent eco-system. Begin by responding to the online TTMS Priority Index which will help you establish an implementation plan.

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