Top Three Demands & Expectations You Must Address to Attract Top Talent – And More!

team leadership effectiveness

The demographics of the workplace are rapidly changing. Today, employees are demanding more flexibility and the mobility to work anywhere, anytime. They also want the ability to easily collaborate with their team members and share information both internally and externally.  These factors are a major consideration for top talent when deciding which job offer to take. Yes, it is once again an employees’ market place.



Demand for a More Flexible Workplace

You already know that the technology exists today to meet these expectations. Unless you create a more flexible work environment, you will likely miss out on hiring the best available talent. Make it a priority to make the investment and fix that now.

But wait, there’s more—as a salesperson may say to “sweeten” the offer!  Yes, technology can help you meet the desires of the current generation of workers. However, what will you do to develop them into fully engaged top talent that can generate a 10 to 100 times return on their compensation? That is where team leadership effectiveness becomes the essential ingredient.

Team Leadership Effectiveness

Surveys conducted by Gallup and others for decades indicate that employee engagement remains at historically low levels. It is impossible to realize any ROI on your investment in talent unless they are fully engaged.

Authorities agree that team leader effectiveness is the key to developing fully engaged top talent. This is particularly important for knowledge-based enterprises who want to attract and retain Millennials. Low levels of worker engagement translate directly into low levels of productivity and retentions, which have become primary concerns for business owners and executives across all industries.

Total Talent Management Sytem

Where to begin? I recommend the Total Talent Management System™ from the Talent Management Institute, an integrated talent eco-system that addresses the ten elements required to solve the engagement and retention problem.

Click on the button below to learn more about the Total Talent Management System™ and get a free copy of the special executive report, “Fully Engaged Top Talent:  Key to Excellence for Knowledge-based Enterprises.”

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