Top Talent Book Reviews

“Finally, someone has written a street-smart book that can make a big difference in your organization. If you are serious about creating a culture of individual ownership, and accountability, this is a must-read book. And refer to it often, as it can be a catalyst for positive change!”

Mark LeBlanc, Author
Growing Your Business!

“Bob Moore has presented aspiring leaders with a concise yet thorough tome of actionable concepts. The business analogies are brief yet highly relevant and make his points clearly. In an era where corporate attention span is measured in weeks and leadership development is often non-existent, Bob inspires us to cultivate top talent, regardless of the level of leadership we may hold.”

R. Thomas Mayes, Jr., CFP
Piedmont Financial Trust Company

“The concepts made sense. We have been using many of them in the growth of our company and I had never seen them presented in such a concise manner. The book provides how-to, a helpful checklist and provides the reasons that led to the technique in a compelling manner. I found the information in the book created buy-in. I recommend it to anybody who works with people, supervisors, managers, and executives.”

Keith Appenzeller, President
King Engineering,
Tampa, FL

“Bob’s book is most impressive. He has captured the pressing need to change the way we approach the development of organizations and personnel in this new era…I like the penetrating questions with which he challenges executives at the end of each chapter…I like everything about the book. This book should be in every MBA program.”

Frank Edens, PhD,
Professor of Business (Retired),
Louisiana Tech University

“This book is an excellent source of knowledge and wisdom for anyone who wants to grow personally and desires to build a team professionally. Bob Moore’s extensive experience guides you through proven strategies to turn good people into extraordinary performers.”

Nido Qubein,
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.,
President, High Point College