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Three Tips to Solve the Employee Engagement Problem

Improving low levels of employee engagement and retention continue to be a growing concern in the mind of every CEOs and business owners. The real solutions require more than simply doing surveys and holding meetings. A major culture shift may be required including a talent eco-system approach. Consider the following three tips for improving the […]

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The Number One Strategy to Retain Top Talent

Fully engaged top talent is the key to excellence for any enterprise; particularly a knowledge-based organizations. However, because of the current economy, not only are potential top talent difficult to find, they are also more willing to actively explore other opportunities than in previous years. That’s the bad news. But, the good news is there […]

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The Number One New Year’s Resolution Every Leader Should Make

According to Jack Welch, former CEO of GE and Executive Chairman of The Jack Welch Management Institute, the three most important metrics to measure the health of your business are employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. Welch says that which each of these is important, the latter two are difficult for an individual to […]

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A Better Way to Turn Your Good People Into Top Talent: Dump Performance Appraisals

In her latest Huffington Post blog post*, Accenture Chief Human Resources Officer Ellyn Shook talks about how Accenture is on a journey to revolutionize how to help their people be their best. The new approach focuses on real-time, frequent, forward-looking coaching discussions. This means performance “management” moves back stage and brings performance “achievement” center stage. […]

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Top Three Demands & Expectations You Must Address to Attract Top Talent – And More!

The demographics of the workplace are rapidly changing. Today, employees are demanding more flexibility and the mobility to work anywhere, anytime. They also want the ability to easily collaborate with their team members and share information both internally and externally.  These factors are a major consideration for top talent when deciding which job offer to […]

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