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Improving Employee Engagement Starts with Senior Leadership

Levels of employee engagement are at an all-time low. Numerous studies, especially those conducted by the Gallup organization reveal the serious adverse impact on business results. Jim Clifton, Gallup CEO has clearly stated that engagement levels are not likely to improve until business leaders deal with “bad bosses” and require them to be more accountable. […]

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Are Millennials Really Difficult To Manage?

Did you know that millennials now make up the majority of the workforce at many companies, particularly knowledge-based enterprises? For example, at Price Waterhouse Coopers, two-thirds of its employees are in their 20s and 30s.       Have you, like many, heard leadership concerns about managing Millennials? There have been references to their needs […]

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The Two Major Factors That Influence Employee Performance: Engagement and Well-Being

Recent Gallup research has found a critical link between Employee Engagement and Well-being that is directly related to performance. Gallup has been measuring employee engagement for decades with a survey that has proven links to performance outcomes.   Current Engagement Levels Based on engagement survey responses, Gallup groups workers into one of three categories: Engaged, […]

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What or who is to blame for poor talent management?

There is growing concern among business leaders and talent management professionals that current talent needs are not being met. There is also a fear that future potential will remain untapped. Emily Szakacs, national account manager leader for Hay Group said, ÔÇťOrganizations continue to acknowledge that the key to their competitive advantage and ongoing success is […]

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Top 5 Business Trends CEOs & Talent Management Executives Must Embrace or Be Left Behind

2015 was a year of dramatic change in the talent management field. H. R. departments have become more aware of the critical role they play in the growth of their organizations. More than ever before, there is increased use of assessment, greater focus on stress management and the underlying causes of low levels of employee […]

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