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Prevent Your Top Candidates From Slipping Through the Cracks: How to Fix Your Broken Talent Management Process

Nearly 9 in 10 (85%) of HR professionals agree that it costs more (52% say MUCH more) to fill an open position with an external candidate than to find candidates from within their organization. Yet, HR professionals say over the last two years they filled nearly two thirds of their open positions with external talent. […]

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Is There a Disconnect in Your Talent Pipeline?

Many organizations are reporting a serious disconnect between the hiring and selection process, and long-term talent management. Top talent is today’s competitive differentiator that makes the difference between an organization that is thriving and one that is stagnant or declining. To succeed, companies in all industries, particularly knowledge-based enterprises, have a number of key positions […]

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Top Three Reasons Talented Employees Quit & How to Prevent It

Business leaders across all industries are concerned about the talent shortage and the accelerated rate of voluntary turnover of new hires. Did you know that according to a recent survey, 31% quit within the first 6 months and amazingly, 4% leave their new jobs after a deplorable first day? Also, 50% of those hired in […]

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The Improving Economy is Good News for Top Talent and Bad News for Business Leaders

A stronger economy offers more options for top talent. A recent survey among Top Workplaces (or those that aspire to be) show 37% of employees—more than one in three—considered pursuing a better job elsewhere in 2015. This represents an increase over 2014 which was 35.7%. These are the companies that understand the benefits of employee […]

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Top 5 Reasons the Wrong People Get Hired and How to Prevent It

Hiring is a manager’s most important responsibility. Making the decision to hire the right person instead of the wrong one is the difference between making your job a dream or your worst workplace nightmare. Consider the following scenario: One of your employee is late for work every day and ignores the assignments he is given.  […]

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