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How To Turn Good People Into Top Talent

In 2007 I wrote the book, Turning Good People Into  Top  Talent: Key Leadership Strategies For A Winning Company, which became an Amazon Best-seller. The  premise, inspired by Winning by Jack and Suzy Welch, is that winning companies play a bigger game by  providing unanticipated value. This means the  company establishes itself as a strategic partner […]

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Remedies for Ineffective Managers

Much has been written about “bad managers” and how they influence employee engagement and turnover. What exactly is a bad manager? Begin by thinking of the best manager you ever had? Now, think of your worst manager. What are the most noticeable differences? Most of us can spot the managers that are highly effective and […]

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2016 Employee Engagement Trends and Tips

Finding solutions to increasing employee engagement, and improving retention continue to be a major concern. The latest word from Bersin by Deloitte, famous for their workplace surveys, is that in 2016 organizations will likely continue to see rapid changes in the world of work: disruptive new digital technologies; high-fidelity learning solutions; increased transparency in employment […]

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Employee Disengagement Solution

Research has consistently discovered that firms with highly engaged employees also tend to have higher financial performance, better customer service and lower voluntary employee turn-over. It is also interesting to note that companies that have highly engaged employees also tend to have one thing in common. They have highly engaged leadership at all levels of […]

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intr extr motivation

Raising Employee Engagement Levels

Over the years the science behind motivation has changed very little. Best-selling author, Daniel Pink has repeatedly exposed the mismatch between what science knows and what business does. Business is built around extrinsic motivators such as the use of ‘carrots and sticks’, rewards and punishments which seems to do more harm than good. Root of […]

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