What Are the Top Challenges Facing HR and Talent Management Executives?

Talent Management ChallengesWhile reviewing the major study published in Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2015, I found some striking discoveries. This is the third year Deloitte has done this study and they looked at more than ten different trends in the research. As companies strive to become more agile and customer-focused, Deloitte found that organizations are shifting their structures from traditional, functional models toward interconnected, flexible teams. More than 9 out of 10 executives surveyed (92%) rate organizational design as a top priority, and nearly half (45%) report their companies are either in the middle of a restructuring (39%) or planning one (6%).


A new organizational model is on the rise: a “network of teams” in which companies build and empower teams to work on specific business projects and challenges. These networks are aligned and coordinated with operations and information centers similar to command centers in the military. This is an interesting parallel to what Col. Stanley McChrystal work about in his book Team of Teams which I reviewed last September.

The results show that 87% of companies now rate “retention, engagement, and culture” as an important imperative and 50% rate it “urgent.” The #2 trend, the need to build a global leadership pipeline, was a close second. Also, the report reveals one very important challenge — that companies are struggling with their culture because of three primary factors:

1. Millennials that demand flexibility, mobility and accelerated development like never before now make up the largest part of the workforce.

2. Every company’s employment brand is now “on the internet,” which means if you have weak management or a poor working environment, people know about it.

3. Companies have not kept up with their leadership development and performance management practices, which is frequently because management itself is not driving the right behaviors to make people want to stay.

I will address the other relevant finding on the other challenges and our recommendations for addressing them in future weekly issues of Top Talent Tips.  In the meantime, if you are not yet a subscriber and member of our community click the link below.

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