TMX Talent/Job Assessment

 Ready to Achieve Measurable Results?

The  TriMetrix System combines the Behaviors, Values and Competencies assessment results to determine

  • how a person behaves,
  • why they behave the way they do and
  • what they are capable of doing.

With this in-depth look at an individual, an accurate picture can be formed that is essential to. . .

  • performance growth,
  • team effectiveness, and
  • successful selection and retention.

With the TriMetrix report, a TMI specialist can connect all three aspects, strengthening the understanding of an individual.

This is a significant component of the ability to establish superior performance by

  • capitalizing on strengths and
  • understanding limitations in the workplace.

As a job benchmarking tool, the  TriMetrix system will identify the . . .

  • behaviors,
  • values and
  • personal skills required by the job,

then assess the talent to find the best job fit based on the Job Benchmark.

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Next, have candidates complete a Personal Talent Assessment which will be compared to the job.

When complete you will receive the link to the Talent Report and a 45-Minute Telephone Feedback
Total Fee is $497.00

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