The 3-Step Effectiveness Talent Management Process

A Certified TriMetrix Analyst (CTMA) guides you through the three step process

1.  Benchmark the job.
 Based on the specific accountabilities of the job, the system produces a report that includes:

  • what the job rewards (motivators)
  • behaviors required to work effectively
  • Competencies and attributes.

Plus Accountability-based interview questions to assist in selecting the finalists.

2.  Assess personal talent.
Finalists are assessed with the Personal Talent Report, an objective assessment that measures . . .

  • Job relevant motivators (Why would they want to do the job?),
  • Preferred workplace behaviors (How will they operate on the job?)
  • Attributes or competencies (What are their capacities?).

3. Match the talent to the job
Compare up to five finalist to the job requirement to . . .

  • Assure the right talent in the right job for optimal performance.
  • Eliminate biases often involved in selection process
  • Add factual data based objectivity beyond what can be done with interviews.

The Combining Why + How + What = Will they be effective in this Job

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