Talent Management Plus™ for Recruiters

Screening Software for Recruiters

The unique features of Talent Management Plus™ truly cater to the recruiting team to manage the overwhelming flood of applications and constant resume shuffle. Talent Management Plus™ allows you to qualify and assess candidates faster and more accurately, making it easy to provide decision-makers with promising candidates for the final interview process.  Not only will you have the tools to do more effective recruiting, but the same information you collect in the screening process will be instrumental to the development and management of the employee in the new position.

Quick Identification of Prime Candidates

Job-based benchmarks, talent assessments and automated job match features make it easy to quickly identify the candidates that meet your specific job requirements, allowing you to cut through the initial screening and begin qualifying potential candidates faster and more effectively.

Concise, Comprehensive View

A user-friendly interface and easy set up make Talent Management Plus the only system that you will need to view and manage all job and candidate information, allowing you to cut out the paper trails and find information at the click of a button.  It’s seamless integration with job boards and recruiting processes make this software a perfect solution for any company’s recruiting needs.

Statistical Screening Eliminates Bias

Filtering and sorting by assessment results, location, education, experience, certifications and salary range give you more automated options for identifying the applicants who match both soft and hard job requirements.  With clearly defined job benchmarks broken down into ranks and scores, you can easily determine job match based on ratio and eliminate the unavoidable bias in interpreting wordy job descriptions.

Unique Advantages of Talent Management Plus™

  • Up-Front Screening Opportunities Reduce Qualifying Efforts
  • Manage Recruiting Details Quickly and Easily
  • Analyze Data and Deliver Professional Reports Instantaneously
  • Job Benchmark Presents Concrete Data for Comparison
  • Assessments Cater to Behavioral Interviewing
  • Assessments Easily Incorporated


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