Talent Management Plus™ for Executives

Screening Solutions for Executives

Talent Management Plus™ was designed with the executive’s needs in mind to ensure our screening software goes above and beyond screening features in the typical applicant tracking system to deliver a cost-effective, assessment-based, multi-functional system that will make a difference in every area of talent management.

Fast, Effective Screening Solution

Controlled recruiting investment, EEOC compliance and quickly accessible status reports ensure that your recruiting team will have the solution they need for faster, more effective screening that doesn’t cut corners or increase your costs.

Reduced Bottom-Line Costs

Numerous assessment options, more qualified applicants and comparisons against a benchmark allow you to make easier hiring decisions with no bias, resulting in reduced turnover, increased retention and cost-savings on your bottom line.

Optimal Productivity and Performance

With both new hire and current employee database options, your management team will have detailed information for more effective coaching, development and performance management of your employees, ensuring quicker initial productivity and optimal performance.

Unique Advantages of Talent Management Plus™

  • Integrated Assessments and Job Benchmarks
  • Fixed Investment Non-Contingent on Number of Applicants
  • EEOC Compliance
  • Streamlined, Electronic Delivery of Candidate Details
  • Development and Performance Management Resources


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