Talent Selection Tools

The Effectiveness Talent Matching Process

In today’s marketplace, the competitive talent trends make it crucial to have an effective process to select, develop and retain top talent.

To turn good people into top talent you must go beyond . . .

  • The traditional resume,
  • Interviewing
  • Yearly review  process

The Effectiveness Talent Management Process is a 3-step facilitated process that . . .

  • Determines the talent requirement of your key positions and
  • Assess the talents of incumbent and new hires
  • Assures an ideal job-person match for maximum performance

A cost effective solution for. . .

  • Selecting Top Talent
  • On-boarding and Coaching
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning

TTI Success Insights Employment Assessments

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2.  Talent Management Plus™

Assessment-Based On-Line Screening Software that EMPOWERS You!
Talent Management Plus™ is a COMPLETE on-line talent screening solution for
selecting and retaining SUPERIOR PERFORMERS that deliver optimal performance in YOUR organization.

 Unique Advantages Include

        1. Up Front Screening Reduces Time Qualifying Candidates.
        2. Individual Assessments Integrated and Ready for  Job Matching.
        3. Defines Job Criteria Easily Determine Job Match And Eliminate Bias.
        4. Job Reports Include Accountability Based Behavioral Interviewing.
        5. Filtering And Sorting By Assessment Results And Applicant Information.
        6. Automatically Identify Applicants Who Match Both Soft And Hard Job Requirements.

A Complete Process for
Executives and Hiring Managers (Click Here)
Recruiters and HR Professionals (Click Here)

  • Job
  • Talent
  • Development
  • Performance Management

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TTI Success Insights Employment Assessments

3.  Job/Talent Report
Are you seeking talent where failure to hire the right candidate is not an option? Click here to learn more about the TMX Job/Talent Assessment.