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The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success
by Marcus Buckingham

An Experience to Revolutionize Your Life from Marcus Buckingham – the World’s Leading Expert on Career Success!

Want to know what you are supposed to do with your life? The Truth About You is an experience to unlock life’s toughest questions. The process this revolutionary toolkit teaches will create higher satisfaction and performance in life and work. This cutting-edge product includes:

Enhanced DVD. A high-energy film reveals how and why you must discover and prioritize your strengths and includes access to a wealth of downloadable resources, including five bonus Strength Tip videos.

Interactive Book. With insightful exercises and tried-and-true life wisdom no one else will tell you, the book takes you to the location of your most powerful and unchanging talents.

ReMemo Pad. Designed for a life on-the-go, the ReMemo Pad becomes your companion to complete the task of revealing your strengths using your everyday experiences.

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