Self MasteryTeleclass

A Journey Toward Self-Mastery
A Facilitated Process with
Bob Moore, CMC, Professional Optimizer

Are You . . .

  • An Executive?
  • A Project Manager?
  • A Team Leader?
  • A Professional in a Knowledge-Based Enterprise?
  • A Sales or Customer Contact Professional?
  • An Emerging Leader?
  • Someone Who Wants to Optimize Personal and Professional Effectiveness?

The Most Effective People Understand . . .

  • Themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses,
  • The demands and expectations of their situation,
  • AND develop strategies to meet them.

Self- Mastery is . . .

  • The essential personal skill required to excel personally or professionally.
  • A journey which requires a process of continuous improvement.

On this Journey you will. . .

  • Heighten your awareness of your strengths and limitations,
  • Discover and better understand how you operate,
  • Create the steps of an action plan to apply both on and off the job,
  • Optimize your capacity to accomplish your accountabilities and deliver greater value to all your stakeholders, including yourself,
  • Accelerate your progress to success in your key roles in life and business.

The Process of Self-Mastery includes . . .

  • A comprehensive self-assessment,
  • A two-hour facilitated discussion and feedback session,
  • An opportunity for one-on-one coaching with Bob,
  • An optional teleclass/webinar series.

Benefits of Self-Mastery include:

  • Improved interpersonal relations,
  • Minimized tension and conflict,
  • Increased satisfaction on and off the job,
  • Optimized capacity to achieve team objectives,
  • Better use of time and resources,
  • Professional and personal fulfillment.

The 55-minute Teleclass will be soon available as a downloadable file.  Please look for an announcement when it becomes available.