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Introducing The Effectiveness Talent Management System
By Bob Moore, CMC

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Many companies have turned to job boards and networking websites to help broadcast openings to a wide audience, in an attempt to reach the perfect candidate.  However, the resulting flood of applications tends to include a lot of duds. Most recruiters report that at least 50% of job hunters don’t possess the basic qualifications for the jobs they are pursuing.

At most companies, résumés are still the first step of the recruiting process. For example, Google Inc., which hired about 7,000 people in 2011 after receiving some two million résumés, has an army of “hundreds” of recruiters who actually read every one.  Presumably, they think that is necessary to remove the risk of missing a top performer. However, according to a recent survey by Information Strategies Inc., only 19% of hiring managers at small companies look at a majority of the résumés they receive and 47% say they review just a few. I wonder if the best qualified candidates are left in the pile.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Your Résumé vs. Oblivion: Inundated Companies Resort to Software to Sift Job Applications for Right Skills,” recruiters and hiring managers are overwhelmed by the volume of résumés pouring in.  I question the reality of using software to screen applications for the right skills.  Since when did a resume accurately portray a candidate’s skills. As a talent management specialist, I consider résumés to be obsolete both for the candidate and recruiter. Originally intended to gain an interview which research studies say are only 14% effective, résumés at best can sort out the unqualified.  Lest we forget, best practices involve screening and selection to effectively discover top talent.

The Wall Street Journal went on to describe a software programmer who sent his résumé to Google, Inc. and Walt Disney Co. He wasn’t terribly surprised when he received nothing but an email acknowledgment, but he expected a more personal response from a small Reno company.  When he called to ask for an update on his application, he was told the company’s vice president was in charge of hiring, and surmised that the executive was too busy to read through the submissions. He decided he would just show up on their doorstep, since he felt he had nothing to lose. Can you imagine an executive reviewing résumés?

Here are some questions for the Chief Human Resource Officer or owner of the small business to consider. What about speed to hire?  The real top talent are not likely to be around indefinitely.  What does it say about your company to get so bogged-down in the hiring process that applicants get little or no response? Just how important to your strategy is the job?  If it needs to exist at all, it probably needs to be filled promptly.  If your hiring process is broken or ineffective, what could it say about your on-boarding or other steps to get your new hires up to speed and productive?

A study by human resources consulting firm, Bersin & Associates, found many big companies, which cut their human resources staffs during the recession, now spend about 7% of their external recruitment budgets on applicant tracking systems. Screening systems are one way companies are seeking to cut the costs of hiring a new employee, which now averages $3,479.  An effective screening system can provide a pool of candidates, who now must be selected, to determine the degree to which they have the talent required for a specific job.

The Effectiveness Talent Management System provides a better way.   Recruiters can cut through the initial screening process and quickly identify prime candidates without even touching a resume. With The Effectiveness Talent Management System, an integrated, web-based system, recruiters can qualify and assess candidates faster and more accurately, making it easy to provide decision makers with promising candidates for the final interview process. The user friendly interface provides an easy way to view and manage all job and candidate information, cutting out the paper trails and finding information at the click of a button.

The Effectiveness Talent Management System includes job-based benchmarks and talent assessments. Automated job matching cuts through the initial screening and qualifies potential candidates faster and more effectively. The system includes statistical screening that eliminates bias and makes it easy to quickly identify candidates that meet specific job requirements.

The Effectiveness Talent Management system is self-administered and the cost is based on the number of people hired—about half of the current average for hiring a new employee. The only initial charge is a nominal fee for professional facilitation of the job benchmarking process, which can be accomplished remotely to reduce time and travel.

Unique Advantages Include:

  1. Up Front Screening Opportunities Reduce Qualifying Efforts
  2. Integrated Assessments and Job Benchmarks
  3. Job Benchmarks are Defined by Scores to Easily Determine Job Match and Eliminate Bias
  4. Assessments Cater to Behavioral Interviewing
  5. Filtering and Sorting by Assessment Results and Applicant Information
  6. Automate Identification of Applicants Who Match Both Soft and Hard Job Requirements
  7. Manage Candidate Details Quickly and Easily

Could improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your quest to discover top talent make the difference in your bottom line for 2012? Click here to learn more and schedule a no-obligation demonstration of the Effectiveness Talent Management System.

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