tom peters on talent shortage

Use The Right Weapons If You Want To Win The Battle For IT Talent

tom peters on talent shortageAccording to a new information technology workplace trends guide from global HR firm Randstad, the inadequate supply of IT talent is the second-biggest threat to U.S. companies’ ability to meet targets.

Not only is it more difficult to find top IT talent, turnover rates are up. The study found that nearly two in five IT workers will seek new employment this year with 70% of survey respondents reporting that their employees were tempted to leave by more desirable employment offers.
“Right Jobs, Wrong People

The Randstad report also found that “Right Jobs, Wrong People” was a major issue. The problem is that talent for highly technical niche areas of the industry have to have the right mix of technical, psychological, and artistic skills in order to be anywhere near good enough. Furthermore, for many IT decision-makers, finding experienced, qualified talent with the right cultural fit is an increasing problem. Of those surveyed in Randstad’s report, 83% said they struggled to find people with a good cultural fit.

Relevant on-the-job experience!
I found it interesting that 89% said they have difficulty finding people whose skills matched the job requirements. Relevant on-the-job experience was the number one skill that employees found candidates were lacking. I wonder what the respondents meant by calling “relevant on-the-job experience a skill.” I challenge that assumption and suggest that anyone who believes experience translates into skill to consider the following:

  1. What exactly is an employee in a highly technical job expected to learn through “relevant-on-the-job experience.”
  2. How do they define “relevant.”
  3. Consider the fact that past experience is becoming less relevant with rapidly changing job expectations in the a highly dynamic IT industry.

The “Knowledge Worker” Issue
For some time, I have been writing about the rise of the “Knowledge Worker.” In my most recent blog/article, I mentioned a comment by the late James J. Schiro former CEO of PricewaterhouseCoopers, “In tomorrow’s business environment, knowledge and how it is managed for competitive advantage will be the number one corporate priority.” The reality is that many business leaders have not made the shift in how they manage employees in knowledge-based roles such as IT and R&D. Rather than attempting to win the war for talent by out-recruiting the competition, HR and Talent Management executives must be advocates for a Total Talent The Total Talent Management System.

A Talent Management System.
The primary purpose of the Total Talent Management System™ is to assure that the Right People with the Right Skills are in the Right Position at the Right Time. The Total Talent Management System is a dynamic human system – an interconnected progressive talent ecosystem which includes ten elements. It is essential to recognize that successful implementation and maintenance of the Total Talent Management System™ requires the following six strategic prerequisites:

  1. Organizational Vitality
  2. Shared Values
  3. Coach-Based Managers and Team Leaders
  4. Teams of High Performing, Cohesive Teams
  5. Just-in-Time, On-Demand Continuous Learning and Development
  6. Interdepartmental Integration

Also, Information Technology (IT) involvement is critical to assure system support for total integration of the ten components of the Total Talent Management System with the functions of existing departments.

Consider A Total Solution
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