Remedies for Ineffective Managers

poor-managers-imageMuch has been written about “bad managers” and how they influence employee engagement and turnover. What exactly is a bad manager? Begin
by thinking of the best manager you ever had? Now, think of your worst manager. What are the most noticeable differences? Most of us can spot the managers that are highly effective and those who are.

However, as a people development professional how much thought have you given to why and what to do about it?

Here are the Top Seven Reasons

1. Lack of support in their role. This can be a major issue for new managers who may have been promoted over their capacity to be effective.
2. Low Self-esteem and not feeling good about themselves. The fact is, most inappropriate behavior stems from low self-esteem.
3. Lack of awareness of their ineffective management style or how to change it. Sometimes a wake-up call in the form of a coaching session with their manager can make a big difference.
4. Not feeling empowered . This is similar to #1. In fact, many of these reasons in inter-connected. Lack of empowerment can trigger fear-based behavior which is almost always negative.
6. Lack of feedback and acknowledgment can actually reinforce ineffective behaviors. Sometimes managers receive mixed messages about their effectiveness. They may get positive reinforcement for getting results but are not disciplined for how they go about it.
7. Lack of a positive vision for themselves professionally and for their team.

It is amazing how much difference it can make when we focus on positive results that include the why behind what we do and how to best accomplish it.

Many of these reasons may appear to simply be excuses. However, as Jim Clifton, Chairman of Gallop has stated many times, business leaders tend to allow the “bad manager” problem to continue. Clifton believes that employee engagement levels will not improve until business leaders deal with the “bad manager” problem.

Solutions to Improve Management Effectiveness

What would you do if the CEO called you into his office and told you to fix this problem? What actions would you suggest? Here are three recommendations.
1. Review the process you are using to select managers. Are you using a Job-Talent Fit Process? Imagine if you hired top talent for key positions.
2. Update your management and team leadership development process to upgrade skills. Consider implementing a time-efficient, cost-effective skill development program designed to improve management effectiveness.
3. Provide all mangers and team leaders with an awareness building assessment designed to optimize management effectiveness. Frequently the problem can be corrected by increasing  awareness of ineffective management behavior.

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