Recruiter Level Advantages

Assessments Easily Incorporated

With written reports that explain the assessment results, this component is easy to incorporate even without prior assessment experience.  Job assessment results provide more detail about job requirements while talent assessments provide unique and detailed information about each applicant right from the start.

Creating a job profile is simple and assessment access is available immediately.  Once complete, the assessment results are immediately available in Talent Management Plus for you to view and compare to the job benchmark.  This effortless integration ensures your recruiting efforts are not waiting on processing, scoring or uploading.

Assessments Cater to Behavioral Interviewing

Talent Management Plus’ behavioral assessment reveals key requirements of the job and includes interview questions that have been written specifically to help you further identify behavioral characteristics in any part of the selection process, from pre-screening to the final interview.  However, Talent Management Plus allows you to go beyond behaviors and use the same interviewing technique with motivators and personal skills to discover even more about each candidate.

Job Benchmark Presents Concrete Data for Comparison

No longer are your recruiting efforts dependent on interpretation of a job description or continuously altered by differing ideas of the position from management.  With the patented job benchmarking process used by Talent Management Plus, everyone will truly understand what the job calls for and what the ideal candidate looks like.  Rather than an overly descriptive and meaningless job description, you get actual data that indicates the needs of the job, which helps you write the job ad to attract particular types of people and provides a concrete way to compare talent without bias.

Analyze Data and Deliver Professional Reports Instantaneously

With over five different reporting features, you can quickly and accurately provide up-to-date information regarding EEOC requirements, candidate referrals, demographic information and much more.  Want to take a specific look at your applicant data that is unique to your company’s needs?  Talent Management Plus makes it easy to further analyze your database of applicants with a simple export feature.

With this information at your fingertips, you can easily evaluate your recruiting efforts, prove efficiency, track trends and analyze your database of applicants in minutes.  In addition, professionally formatted reports can be conveniently sent to decision makers and managers in a matter of seconds.

Manage Recruiting Details Quickly and Easily

Talent Management Plus’ user interface directly translates into speed, convenience and simplicity for recruiters.  With just a few clicks, you can update a candidate’s profile with background check details, view the most recent applications and correspond with prime candidates to schedule interviews.  The system also makes it easy to directly communicate with other parties involved in the selection process by sending candidate information via email in a professional and consistent way that avoids printing and filing candidate information.

Up-Front Screening Opportunities Reduce Qualifying Efforts

In addition to the up-front job and talent assessment component that makes Talent Management Plus a unique and powerful screening tool, you can further screen applicants before you even see their resume.  With the opportunity to add up to five additional, custom questions to the interview process, you can immediately ask “deal-breaker” questions and review their response to get a pulse on their proficiency in written communication.  By automatically collecting and storing this information in the candidate profile, you can save time and follow-up on unqualified applicants.

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