Top Three Problems Senior Executives Expect HR to Solve


Top executives worldwide continue to be concerned about the profitability, alignment of the vision and mission, and long-term growth of their enterprise. CEOs across all types of enterprises are seeking high-performance cultures that will deliver sustainable bottom-line results. In most organizations, this translates into the following three expectations that HR is expected to solve:

  1. Effective operational performance
  2. A fully engaged, top-performing workforce
  3. Ability to attract and retain top talent

HR professionals have an overwhelming choice of solutions, including behavioral-based, personality, and competency-based assessments, and a variety of 360 or multi-rater and other process-driven analytics, and other human capital performance metrics. However, little improvement in bottom-line results has been achieved. The ability to effectively manage human performance continues to produce disappointing results. Why?

The Solution

Many authorities believe that most HR practices are ineffective with the rapidly changing workforce. The knowledge-based workforce has been mismanaged for decades. Now, add the Millennials, which make up the majority of the workforce, and the problem is unsolvable with current practices. The time has come to look at the processes of attracting, hiring, developing and retaining fully engaged top talent as an integrated ecosystem.  Yet, most enterprises expect a single department (HRM/HRD) or a collection of “silos” to solve this dilemma.

The team at the Talent Management Institute has developed a ten component system, that when integrated, can be the solution.

We address this problem and how to solve it in the special executive report, “Fully Engaged Top Talent:  Key to Excellence for Knowledge-Based Enterprises.”  This free report includes an introduction to the Total Talent Management System™ for Turning Your Good People Into Fully Engaged Top Talent.

Click on the button below to learn more about the Total Talent Management System™ and get a free copy of the special report.

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Bob Moore, CMC
Managing Principal


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