Improving Work Habits

You have a talented team, and you focus a significant amount of time and energy on helping them address and resolve performance issues. But, there is a difference between job performance and work habits. Effective managers and leaders can identify opportunities for team members to improve work habits and help their team reach the next level.

Employees with good work habits are more productive and attentive to quality, avoiding bad tendencies like poor communication. Learning how to distinguish between job performance and work habits, as well as honing your ability to coach and develop others regarding their work habits, improves employee productivity.

The Vital Learning Improving Work Habits™™ course provides supervisors, team leaders and managers with the tools necessary to recognize and address poor work habits. The course helps managers and team leaders understand the importance of focusing on negative behaviors as well as earning team members’ recognition of the problem and their commitment to changing their habits. Using the tools and skills learned in the course, managers and team leaders are able to improve employee productivity and address issues before they develop into disciplinary problems that affect everyone on the team.

Learn to:

  • Distinguish between performance and work habits
  • Recognize poor work habits
  • Effectively develop and coach others to improve work habits

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