Essential Leadership Skills That Every Manager Must Master

management effectiveness

Are you looking for a program that provides the skills
every manager must master?

Each course is part of the foundation your leaders need to build a fully engaged team of top talent.


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Coaching Job SkillsLearn to:

  • Identify team member difficulties that hinder team success
  • Build improvement plans by observing team member performance
  • Effectively coach job skills


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Communicating UpLearn to:

  • Plan for effective communication with supervisors
  • Build consensus around goals, objectives and action plans
  • Recap communications for clarity and consistency


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DelegatingLearn to:

  • Delegate for optimal time management, job satisfaction and productivity
  • Develop processes that ensure the involvement and success of your team members


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Developing Performance Goals & StandardsLearn to:

  • Define goals, objectives and performance standards
  • Identify and set performance standards
  • Involve team members in creating individual performance standards


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Effective DisciplineLearn to:

  • Encourage self-discipline
  • Deliver disciplinary actions to team members
  • Use discipline as a positive growth experience


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Essential Skills Of CommunicatingLearn to:

  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Understand and manage your nonverbal communication
  • Effectively communicate through listening


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Essential Skills Of LeadershipLearn to:

  • Manage your team while enhancing team members’ self-esteem
  • Effectively solve problems by focusing on team members’ behavior
  • Encourage team member participation


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Improving Work HabitsLearn to:

  • Distinguish between performance and work habits
  • Recognize poor work habits
  • Effectively coach to improve work habits


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Managing ComplaintsLearn to:

  • Empathetically listen to team members’ complaints
  • Find the root cause of an issue
  • Effectively resolve workplace problems


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Providing Performance FeedbackLearn to:

  • Develop a collaborative feedback process
  • Get team members’ buy-in
  • Implement a systematic approach to performance improvement


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Resolving ConflictsLearn to:

  • Recognize conflicts before they become problems
  • Identify the source of team member conflicts
  • Use effective communication to resolve conflict


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Supporting ChangeLearn to:

  • Understand and facilitate the three phases of change
  • Develop strategies for effectively communicating and supporting change
  • Build team member buy-in to change


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