The Three Keys To Improve Employee Performance, Engagement and Retention

employee performance engagement retentionWhat keeps CEOs and business owners awake at night? Employee performance is right up there with Retention and Engagement. My authorities agree that there are three major factors that influence all of the concerns. Let’s assume you have hired the best talent available at the time you filled the position. Here are the three keys that must be continuously addressed for optimal individual contribution to the success of the organization.


Every enterprise has a unique culture which includes the vision, values, mission and mindset that determines how things get done. Culture is continually being shaped by the passion and style of leaders at all levels of the organization. Frequently, a dysfunctional culture can be traced back to an ineffective selection process that allows unqualified candidates to fill key positions.

Team Leaders and Project Managers

Team Leaders at all levels are responsible for guiding their team members to accomplish the tasks required to achieve the organization’s mission, fulfill its vision, and reinforce its values. When leaders are poor performers themselves and neglect their responsibilities as coaches, the performance of the entire organization suffers. Real time coaching for performance improvement instead of the traditional annual performance appraisal and continuous learning and development are essential to maintain and increase productivity.

Talent Management System

An effective talent management system includes all the elements that turn good people into top talent from recruitment to retention. Other factors like compensation and recognition systems and incentives are also essential for peak performance. All company leaders from CEO to team leaders and project managers must be accountable for fostering a team approach.

This means going beyond just using clichés like “We are a team” and implementing a process that includes developing team leadership skills. The talent management system must be continuously monitored to assure that all elements are integrated into fully functioning system.

Take The Next Step

Investigate the effectiveness of these three key elements and work on those that need to be strengthened. A process that can optimize the capacity of your teams to achieve measurable results is an investment.

The Talent Management Institute offers a variety of cost-effective, done-with-you development resources that can improve team leader effectiveness, increase team performance and address the factors that influence employee well-being, engagement and retention.

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