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The Fruitless Effort to Improve Levels of Workforce Engagement

workforce engagement

After decades of measurement and attempts to increase levels of employee engagement, some organizations experience great success, but most make little or no progress.

A recent report revealed that in 2014 less than one-third (31.5%) of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs. This is the highest level since Gallup began tracking workforce engagement levels in 2000. However, the majority of workers (51%) were not engaged and 17.5% were actively disengaged (and it would be better if they were gone).

Millennials and Workforce Engagement

The strategies most organizations are using to raise workforce engagement levels are simply not bearing fruit.  With Millennials now making up the majority of the workforce, the problem is only going to become more difficult to solve. Millennials, those born between 1980 and mid-2000s are demanding an opportunity to grow, participate, and make a contribution unlike prior generations.

However, most managers/team leaders lack the essential skills to be effective with the current knowledge-based workforce. Many managers and supervisors have not yet learned that knowledge workers require a different style of talent management than factory workers.

Adding the Millennials’ expectations to the workforce, and engagement and retention levels are likely to rapidly decline. Now is the time to implement a more effective approach to talent management and leadership development.

Are Your Senior Leaders Ready for Management?

According to a 2014 survey conducted by the University of North Carolina, senior leaders lacked confidence in their firm’s high-potential talent; only 24% said their current high potentials were “leadership ready.” The survey also found only 30% of senior leaders thought their firms had a strong leadership pipeline, and just 21% said they were satisfied with their company’s bench strength.

This is a clear indication of a need to improve the identification of future leaders and accelerate the development of those currently in leadership roles. I address this problem and how to solve it in the special report, “Fully Engaged Top Talent:  Key to Excellence for Knowledge-Based Enterprises.”

This free report includes an introduction to the Total Talent Management System™ for Turning Your Good People Into Fully Engaged Top Talent

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