Are You Getting the Right People in the Right Position?

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In his best-selling book, Good to Great (2001), Jim Collins emphasized the importance of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. This underscores the fact that even the most creative and most insightful business strategy and vision will not succeed without the right people in place. Today, more than ever, companies need top talent in every position. While many business leaders understand this, they appear not to be sure exactly how to make it happen.

In my book, Turning Good People Into Top Talent (2007), I devote a chapter to the subject of Talent Management, which distinguishes between screening and selection.  However, many hiring managers, business owners, senior human resources (HR) executives and others involved in hiring, appear to not fully utilize best-practices selection tools.

Reliance on Resumes and Interviews
I am noticing a tendency to put emphasis (and time) on interviewing and digging through resumes in hopes of finding the ideal candidate.  Generally, discovering top talent is not accomplished by those methods alone.  Even if it were, the massive number of resumes would limit the number of ideal candidates who can be found in a reasonable amount of time.

I recommend exploring the latest thinking and research by assessing the effectiveness of your organization’s talent management system. This typically requires executive level involvement to be clear on how a particular job fits the organization’s strategy. First, ask the question, “What are the measurable reasons this job exists and the accountabilities of someone doing that job?”

Determine Talent Requirements
Then, establish the talent requirements to achieve those accountabilities (we refer to this as benchmarking the job).  Next, measure the personal talent among current employees to determine if there could be a fit. If not, put on your recruiting cap and seek elsewhere. Regardless of the source, first have a candidate do an online talent assessment and determine the talent-job match. Save valuable time and energy by only reviewing resumes of those that are a match for the job instead of scouring through a mountain of resumes.

There is great risk of a mis-fit, unless you use an integrated system that combines the elements of applicant screening, tracking, and selection, which coordinates with an on-boarding and development process.  With a state of the art system, it is also possible to develop reward and motivation plans that are fully integrated with your talent management strategy, by recognizing the various factors that influence employee performance.

 A final thought
You may have seen Leadership IQ’s famous study that found that 46% of all new hires will fail within the first 18 months (reported in Fortune, HR Executive, Industry Week, and elsewhere). But did you read the whole study? Did you see the part that discovered that new hires fail 89% of the time for Attitudinal reasons, not Skills?

Have you, like many recruiters and hiring managers, ever hired someone who had great technical skills but didn’t fit your culture? Or had the perfect resume but wasn’t coachable and couldn’t accept feedback?  The research is clear that issues like Coachability, Emotional Intelligence and Temperament (Style) determine whether new hires will succeed or fail. All of these characteristics can be easily measured and are included in a cost-effective integrated system called Talent Management Plus ™ (TMP).

Consider Talent Management Plus ™ (TMP)
Talent Management Plus (TMP) is an easy-to-use applicant screening system that allows HR professionals to collect, assess, pre-screen and pre-qualify applicants at the click of a mouse. With simple job creation, various reporting options, EEOC compliance tools, a custom benchmark library, and four built-in assessments, TMP will dramatically improve your recruiting process. But that is not all! TMP not only streamlines the recruiting process for current openings, but is the answer to a complete system – integrating talent, job analysis, and development and performance management for existing employees.

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