Executive and Team Leader Coaching

The Effectiveness Coach Approach is
an ideal resource for executives and team leaders interested in . . .

  • Optimizing their capacity to achieve measurable results
  • Achieving life balance  and eliminating the feeling of never doing enough
  • Engaging in a trust-based, collaborative relationship with a professional coach who will enhance personal effectiveness
  • Accomplishing  more with less effort
  • Increasing client satisfaction and personal fulfillment
  • Creating more value for all stakeholder

The Effectiveness Coach Approach is a customized process that. . .

  • Fits your individual situation
  • Optimizes your skills, resources and creativity
  • Supports your highest priorities while reducing barriers and distractions
  • Combines leading edge technology, tools, and 35 years of experience focused on you and your team

The Effectiveness Coach Approach is

A unique relationship that enhances personal and professional fulfillment/

A results-focused process that promotes individual reflection, self-discovery, and application toward execution of your strategy

An assessment-based process that typically extends over a period of six months to twelve months or longer.

A series of pre-scheduled telephone sessions of thirty to sixty minutes approximately every two weeks.

A personal guide through the comprehensive Cycle of Mastery™.  . .

Awareness Leads to Discovery and Application

Discover Your Strengths
The Effectiveness Coach Approach begins with your Personal Talent Report and prescribing a personalized development plan

The process continues with the following  steps in the cycle . . .

Discovery and Application Connects to Accountability

Establishing your personal accountabilities is the final step before the next “Cycle” begins. This includes Benchmarking the job to define the rewards/culture, behavioral traits and job attributes for comparison with your personal talent report.

Measurable results are assured when achieving the accountabilities of the job is the focus of the development plan.

Investment in Your Future
Investing in your professional development pays huge dividends, particularly for leaders with a mission to complete and failure is not an option. In additional to personal guidance from me, your total investment includes the following assessments, materials, and more:

  • The Coachability Index
  • Focus and Scope of Work Form
  • The Clean Sweep Program Forms
  • Time Management Diagnostic Survey
  • Personal Talent Report with Behavior, Motivators and Capacities,

PLUS: Resources to increase your effectiveness including Work Expectations and Personal Talent/Job Fit Assessments with guidance in their application.


Ready to Get Started Optimizing Your Capacity to Achieve Measurable Results?

Begin Now by Enrolling in the Effectiveness Coach Approach
First, you will receive the Effectiveness Coach Executive – Level Leadership Assessment
which includes three -45 Minute Telephone Feedback Sessions.


Then, we will schedule  . . .

Our Initial Connection
Following completion of your online talent assessment you receive a ninety minute telephone session to debrief your talent report.
How We Work Together
The fee for your assessment will be applied to the fee for your first three month coaching engagement.  Renewable thereafter for subsequent three month periods. The typical engagement is from six to twelve months following the initial three-month engagement.
You will complete a focus and scope of work and other information for us to establish the basis for our first three month’s of work together, to evaluate where you are and lay out a plan to get you where you want to go.
Subsequent three-month periods are mutually agreed upon, based on your desired focus and scope. You simply disengage whenever you have achieved your desired results. You decide…It’s Your Agenda!

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