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Are your employees busy and  just don’t have time for traditional classroom-style training?

Are you looking for learning solutions that are more  . . .

  • flexible
  • time sensitive
  • cost effective
    than classroom only courses allow?

You can take advantage of the newest learning system that’s already in your office:   computers.
Your employees can participate in industry-leading seminars right at their computer.

Vital eLearning™ online learning solutions  . . .

  • engage and challenge participants
  • maximize learning while minimizing time away from the job

Employees can . . .

  • work at their own pace, during downtime
  • no need to juggle projects and reschedule important meetings to make time for training classes

Provide your employees with valuable training in…

  • customer service
  • leadership skills
  • productivity
  • sales  proficiency
  • talent management

The Leadership Series™

Ready for an effective leadership development system that improves skills and not disrupt important projects? With high quality and built-in accountability that some online program lack?  The award-winning Vital eLearning Leadership Series™ provides highly effective skills-based training from any computer convenient,  interactive online format for:

  • supervisors
  • team leaders
  • managers

enabling them to . . .

  • work at their own pace
  • have the same content and
  • instructional design integrity of . . .

Vital Learning’s highly acclaimed, award-winning classroom training seminars.

Leadership Essentials

The following 12 core learning solutions provide a comprehensive and practical process to
address the recurring management challenges every leader must address on a daily basis:

Essential Skills of Leadership 

               Price $49.00

Essential Skills of Communicating

     Price $49.00

Supporting Change

      Price $49.00

Communicating Up

      Price $49.00

Developing Performance Goals and Standards

    Price $49.00

Providing Performance Feedback

    Price $49.00

Coaching Job Skills

    Price $49.00


    Price $49.00

Resolving Conflicts

    Price $49.00

Managing Complaints

    Price $49.00

Effective Discipline

    Price $49.00

Improving Work Habits

    Price $49.00

Motivating Team Members

    Price $49.00

Developing and Coaching Others

     Price $49.00

Note:  Prices are for each participant for 365 days.
Discounts available for multiple enrollments.

Additional Vital eLearning Courses are available.
CLICK  on the catalog below to view the Complete Guide of comprehensive courses  including: 

  •  customer service,
  • productivity,
  • sales  proficiency,
  • talent management.

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