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Coach-Based Management: Key to Accelerating Leadership Development

coach-based managementCoach-based management is a term I began using over ten years ago as an essential component of any learning and development process.

I presented coach-based management as the process to optimize capacity to achieve measurable results in chapter six of my book, Turning Good People Into Top Talent, originally published in 2006.  Yet, it has not yet been fully embraced as a key component of leadership development.

According to a 2014 University of North Carolina leadership survey, only 30% of senior leaders at the time thought their firms had a strong leadership pipeline, and just 21% said they were satisfied with their company’s bench strength. The survey also revealed that leaders lacked confidence in their firm’s high-potential talent; just 24% said their current high potentials were “leadership ready.”

This is a clear indication of a need to accelerate the development of future leaders. A coach-based development process could be the ideal solution. However, there must be a high state of readiness which begins with senior leaders establishing a coaching culture.

Leadership Culture = Coach-Based Management 

Doug Riddle, Global Director of Coaching Services for the Center for Creative Leadership, says that CCL believes the characteristics associated with a coaching culture are really more of a leadership culture.  This means the culture must value the development of leadership at all levels and in all parts of the organization.

Because the Talent Management Department cannot do everything itself, a leadership culture must be part of the overall organizational development culture. Thus, leaders at all levels must be accountable for developing the leadership capacity of the members of their team to assure the future growth of the organization.

The most successful organizations that made the shift to a coaching culture report the need to be constantly attentive to how the culture helps or hinders implementation of a coach-based management process.

These findings are consistent with my own journey as a professional coach, which began in 1993 and includes receiving one of the first master certified coach designations by the International Coach Federation in 1998.

Effective Talent Management System

My team and I at the Talent Management Institute, which I founded in 2007, developed the 10 elements of Total Talent Management System™ for Turning Good People Into Top Talent. However, we recognized that successful implementation of TTMS must include an assessment of the state of readiness of senior management to sponsor, support, and model the process.

Click on the following link to learn more about the Total Talent Management System™ and get a free copy of the special report, Fully Engaged Top Talent:  Key to Excellence for Knowledge-Based Enterprises, which includes just about every organization.

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