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TTMSDiscussions about talent management systems can lead to many places. Many companies use multiple sources to accomplish their talent management needs: a recruiter to find people; different motivation systems attempting to engage employees; and advance, or develop, people through internal managers measuring performance with basic performance indicators.

However, it is rare for all these pieces to fit together or build on each other. The greatest concern is that these systems are not likely to have any relevance to the job itself.

Imagine if…

The job could talk? What skills and talents would the job ask for?

You had a specific job benchmark with Key Accountabilities for every job? How much more accurate could your hires be?

You could base performance evaluations on specific Key Results Indicators required by the job? How much would productivity increase?

You could eliminate the natural biases inherently part of most processes?

One system enabled you to Discover the right talent, Engage current staff, Advance your high potentials and Perform at a higher level based on critical factors or performance indicators of the job?

We call it The Total Talent Management System™ that includes a suite of assessments called D. E. A. P.

When you eliminate natural bias, you can discover new hires that fit the needs of the job and not the person you “like” the best. Remember… that person you “loved” who impressed everyone in their interview but then you had to let them go six months later. D.E.A.P works well with existing employees because the person you are looking for may already be in the organization.

Employee engagement is top of mind for many organizations and a hot topic in all industries for the last few years. Some studies report more than 70% of employees have some level of disengagement. If your company’s engagement level is low, it is likely that your productivity level is also low. Gallup’s State of the American Workforce reports that companies with above average engagement have 38% above average productivity and

You could be advancing the culture of the organization or attempting to finding the right person to fill a key position. The Total Talent Management System eliminates the guesswork. By using the Total Talent Management System you can determine what the job requires, what natural talents the person has, and then create a personalized development plan to close the gaps. Imagine what can happen when you recognize the talents of existing employees by advancing and developing their career. You will get fully engaged top talent. Plus, you have an executable succession plan with a pool of high potential people ready to move up or receive focused training and coaching.

Performance is sometimes an overused word. However, having key performance indicators (KPIs) are critical to success in most jobs. KPIs are often determined based on the history of a position or someone’s idea of how the position should function. The potential for bias is very high which can direct performance away from what the job actually requires for success.


Consider A Total Solution

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