Three Tips to Solve the Employee Engagement Problem

tips employee engagementImproving low levels of employee engagement and retention continue to be a growing concern in the mind of every CEOs and business owners. The real solutions require more than simply doing surveys and holding meetings. A major culture shift may be required including a talent eco-system approach. Consider the following three tips for improving the culture.


1. Communicate the mission statement and be sure everyone understands it. Post the mission statement on the company’s website and publishing it in all key communication with employees. Relate key projects to how it will achieve the mission.

2. Encourage all employees to continually seek opportunities for continuous improvement such as streamlining processes or enhancing the customer experience. Engagement levels can dramatically increase when employees know that innovative ideas are appreciated and make a positive difference to the organization.

3. Ensure that managers are building trust and establishing mutual respect with direct reports. Lead by example and reinforce behaviors and attitudes that you want employees to demonstrate.

Alignment with the mission, vision and values of the organization is essential for a high performance culture.
Find ways for management and employees to work hand in hand to implement new ideas and make improvements. The benefits will not only include greater employee engagement. but enhanced customer experience and loyalty.

Before you conclude I have oversimplified the solution to the engagement and retention problem, let me add that an integrated talent eco-system is required. The Talent Management Institute has developed an integrated talent eco-system that can solve the engagement and retention problem. We call it the Total Talent Management System™.

Click on the following link to learn more about TTMS and get a free copy of the special executive report, “Fully Engaged Top Talent: Key to Excellence for Knowledge-based Enterprises.”


Bob Moore, CMC
Managing Principal
Talent Management Institute
Division of Effectiveness, Inc

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