Team Leadership Development Is The Solution

Team Leader development is the first step in solving the challenges facing HR and Talent Management Executives.

team leader developmentIn my last blog I referred to the major study published in “Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2016″that emphasized the fact that after three years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture, executives see a need to redesign the organization.The report pointed out that a team-based approach is part of a larger trend toward new models of management.

This new type of organization, which Deloitte calls a “network of teams,” moves beyond the concepts of the unwieldy 1960s-era matrix organization. Hierarchy-based organizations were designed around traditional management thinking in which those at the top told people what to do, creates standards and set goals.


Current best practices include setting goals at the bottom and continuously managing performance rather than yearly (aka: the annual performance appraisal). Clearly defining the mission of each team, delegating responsibility, assigning strong team leadership, and building a shared culture and set of information and communication tools that help teams align with each other is critical to creating an effective network of teams. These essentials are part of what we call the Work of Leaders.

The Deloitte report found that 92 percent of their survey respondents rated organizational redesign as important or very important and two major factors are driving change. First, the pressure to get products to market quickly combined with a generally greater sense of empowerment among the workforce, is making small teams a more natural and productive way to work.

Many studies have consistently shown that small teams can deliver results faster, engage people better, and stay closer to their mission. Consider Seal Team Six as an example. Second, the digital revolution helps teams stay aligned. For example, now teams can use mobile apps to share goals, keep up to date and build a common culture rather than have to send messages up and down the corporate pyramid.

Start By Developing Your Team Leaders

Because the days of the top-down hierarchy are coming to an end it is time to transition to a network of teams one team at a time. Now is the time to prepare team leaders and project managers to develop the skills to empower teams and implement what Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith taught in their bestselling book over 20 years ago, The Wisdom of Teams (1992). They were the first to provide the critical criteria for high performance teams.

Real Team:
This is a small number of people with complementary skills who are equally committed to a common purpose, goals, and working approach for which the hold themselves mutually accountable.
High Performance Team:

This is a group that meets all the conditions of real teams, and has members who are also deeply committed to each other’s personal growth and success. That commitment usually transcends the team. The high performance team significantly outperforms all reasonable expectations given its membership.

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