Talent Management Plus System


The complete process of talent management must start with an analysis of the job itself.  Finding out exactly what the job requires not only gives you an accurate description of what to look for in top talent, but it provides a solid foundation for development and performance management.

Assessments Give the Job a Voice

Talent Management Plus is the only screening software to incorporate a job benchmarking process that uses assessments to actually let the job talk.  The assessments in this process let you listen to what the job needs for superior performance, taking the guess work out of job descriptions and requirements.  With this detail, you know exactly what to look for in the hiring process and can determine job fit for quick, effective screening.

Unique, Patented Process

Unlike many benchmarks, this patented process doesn’t benchmark people in the job, it benchmarks the job itself.  We start with a key accountability session which helps you determine why the job exists and what is most important to the job.  Then, those who know the job best complete an assessment that uncovers the true voice of the job.

Finally, the assessment results reveal a complete analysis of the job based on 37 job-related factors.  These same factors are then used in the assessment of talent, creating a platform on which the two can be quickly compared to identify job fit.


Hiring the best candidate can be a key competitive advantage for your business in today’s market.  It will lead to increased job satisfaction, performance effectiveness, profitability and retention.  During your search for your next top performer, each candidate will bring something different and unique to the table.  With an abundance of resumes and few qualified candidates, how will you decide on the best candidate? Many companies look for education and experience, followed by a great interview, but there is more to it than that.  First impressions, references and even gut instincts simply cannot determine if a candidate is right for the job because we simply cannot always see through our own bias.

Talent Assessments Add Qualifying Information

As part of the application process, an assessment of each individual talent will remove bias by uncovering areas important to success on the job, including behaviors, motivators and personal skills.

With compatible job and talent assessment, you have the ability to qualify candidates based on job fit, not bias, making the hiring decision easier, faster and more successful.


Employee development is a key factor in reducing turnover and ensuring that your superior performers have the opportunity to grow with your company.  Unfortunately, many managers do not have the information they need to provide development that is actually job-related.

Customized, Job-Based Development

With Talent Management Plus, your application of job and talent assessments does not end when you hire a new employee.  Instead, this screening software allows you to continue the application of assessments in the complete process to ensure your high potential employees further develop the key skills required by their jobs.

Whether you are developing new hires, your entire staff or just fast-trackers, job and talent assessment results provide you with a customized, job-based approach to development.  By pinpointing the areas where the employee needs to enhance skills and adapt behaviors, you can create a development plan that focuses on closing the gap between the employee and the job.

Performance Management

Understanding both the areas of strengths and of weaknesses is important to effective, long-term management.  However, not all jobs are alike.  You may have two individuals with identical skills, attitudes and communication styles, but that doesn’t mean they can be managed the same.  Instead, it is important to have performance management initiatives that consider the key accountabilities of the job and its requirements for success.

Tailored Management with Assessment Results

With Talent Management Plus, you will have access to the assessment results that will assist you and the management team in identifying each individual’s unique talents and potential weaknesses as they relate to their specific job and work group.  With this detail, you will be able to not only effectively manage and lead your employees, but you will have a concrete way to actually measure their growth in developing their skills and adapting their behavior.  In addition, the key accountabilities you discover in the job benchmarking process will help you stay focused on the performance objectives that the job itself considers more important.

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